About Atlantic LED and Gear LLC


Atlantic LED & Gear LLC is owned and operated by Jason Joyce from Swan's Island in Maine. Captain Jason Joyce is proud to be an 8th generation fisherman with over 25 years of experience on the waters of Maine. Jason takes his responsibilities as Captain very seriously and is always looking for ways to provide the utmost safety for the crew. In his spare time Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

Over the course of his fishing career Jason has always searched for any products that may make help increase productivity as well as overall safety. Just over three years ago Jason found an industry changing light. Jason began testing products from ROM and FRC,  high performing lights that traditionally had been used by fire departments across the United States. It was quickly evident that Jason had found a line of product that was better than any traditional lighting seen here on the open seas. Because of the superior performance, the quality construction, unbeatable warranty and the yacht-like finish, Jason wanted to bring this product to the ocean and share his findings with fellow fishermen.  Atlantic LED & Gear has worked closely with ROM and FRC to develop a product line most suitable for Maine conditions. These lights can be used in a number of different industries but Jason envisions them working tremendously well in the fishing and farming industries.

Atlantic LED & Gear continues to test all ROM and FRC products under the most extreme environments in Maine and each time a new product passes these tests they are added to our growing product line.