LED Lighting Solutions

View our many different lighting solutions, our LED lights can be used in many different ways, from commercial fishing to lighting up an event these lights can be used in a number of different ways.

DuroLumen V4 Deck/Cabin/Engine Room Light
Eveloution LED Flood 15,000 Lumen
Evolution Flood 8,000 Lumens
Firefly 100 /Firefly 110
Spectra 900 Deck Light
Spectra LED Spot/Flood Combo 15,000 Lumen
Spectra LED Spot/Flood Combo 20,000 Lumen
Waterproof LED Red/White Lightbar
Spectra MS
Spectra Max
Spectra Max-S
7000 Lumen Spotlight
led work light
LED 9 Work Light